"Polishing your professional image"
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Get Polished!

What Must I Do To Be Polished?

  1. Write your paper
  2. Submit your paper along with contact information and your timeframe for editing to be complete
  3. I'll edit your first page and send a price quote ASAP

It's that simple.

Love what you see?  Aghast at the sea of red in front of you?  Simply not your style? 
Regardless of how you react, your first page* is absolutely FREE!  *(3 page minimum)
Itching for me to finish the job?  As soon as you send payment via PayPal, I'll polish your full work and return it to you promptly.


Standard editing begins at $60/hour (USD).  Trust me - it's very thorough!

You may request an estimate via e-mail or by calling 704-492-1274
to discuss the details of your request.

Priority rush editing will incur additional fees. 
Please call 704-492-1274 if you require less than a 72-hour turnaround response.

Format for Submission

Submit your work in 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial) with 1-inch margins
(left and right, top and bottom) as a Microsoft Word document. 

Include the deadline when you require your polished work returned to you and a phone number where The Paper Polisher can reach you if there are additional questions.


By the way, I pledge that your work will remain confidential.

I, Kayren Cathcart, being of sound mind and body, hereby pledge to only edit and not copy, paste, pass along, or plagiarize any written, verbal, or non-verbal communication between myself and my client.

Kayren Cathcart

The Paper Polisher

You write it.  I polish it.  That's it. 


Kayren Cathcart

The Paper Polisher


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