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Meet The Polisher

Why am I qualified to polish your papers, you ask?

Well, I do have a nifty college degree from the University of Richmond, officially called a "Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Studies and Speech Communication."  So you could be impressed by that if you'd like to.  I am passionate about anything that has to do with writing (especially editing), and I am a published author

Instead of ripping your work to shreds, I correct any errors and mistakes until it's transformed into a polished, professional docum
ent with a clear message.  You write it, I rewrite it, that's it.  You're done.  Congratulations on upgrading your paper!

I should note that I'm willing and able to rewrite just about anything that's written in the English language.  Term papers, essays, reports, resumes, marriage proposals, resignation letters, or anything else that makes you squirm when you realize people will be reading it - I'm here to help you out.

Finally, I want to mention that I am a Christian who seeks to hear from and obey God on a daily basis.  If your project is spiritu
al in nature, know that I will actually pray before I edit, asking God to guide me in the editing decisions I make.  Really.  And for those of you with the typical college essay...uh, I'll pray for your stuff too, if you'd like me to. :-)

Kayren Cathcart

The Paper Polisher


Kevin Mills, Co-Polisher

Kevin has been editing at for the past 5 years, and hasn't regretted it for a day. Words are his friends and language is his playground. Moving them around for maximum impact tends to make him giddy. When he's not editing he's busy writing his own stuff, developing ideas for Mills Creative Minds or wrestling with his wife and three kids. (They tend to gang up on him. The stinkers.)
Dan Boerger, Co-Polisher

Hi, I’m Dan. I’ve been writing, editing, and working with words and books for almost two decades. My MA in Linguistics was a passport to living overseas for 16 years, where I learned to grate coconuts, drink bush-lime, and decipher the writing of non-native English speakers. I also understand tech-speak with my BA in Physics and Masters in Electrical Engineering, as well as linguistic, cultural, and theological jargon. If your writing needs refinement, I will be happy to tighten it up and make it shine.

Submit your document as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file, or as an OpenOffice Writer .odt file via email at Please be sure to include your contact information, a turnaround time, a description of your intended audience, and any style or other requirements. I will edit your first page, return it with a price quote, or call you if I need to consult. Ciao.
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